The CSI Difference

The most valuable difference your IMO partner can make in your business is connecting you to new clients. This is the cornerstone and foundational approach. While we can tell you how well our programs work, we thought you would rather hear from an advisor just like you who was tired of chasing false promises and expensive lead programs offered by other IMOs.

Scott Garcia had been toiling away as a financial consultant for more than three decades, but he never had a consistent stream of prospects. He was working all the time, but never quite making the living that he knew he was truly worth. It began to feel like he was running in place and sometimes in circles.

Then CSI Financial Group introduced him to our One-of-a-Kind "Advisor Partner Platform." This Exclusive and Turnkey Platform quickly drove a flood of motivated, qualified, and ideal clients into Scott’s office.

This groundbreaking approach has completely elevated the client experience!

Scott photo square

Scott Garcia

Founder, Premier Estate Planning & Income Planning

Scott says:
"Working with CSI has completely changed my business. I do not lack for people to see anymore. In fact, I had to bring on a full-time associate to help out with all the clients. I finally have the opportunity to grow my business. Plus, I don’t have to really sell. I’m simply 'implementing' this proprietary process by addressing the problems and presenting the solution.” Here's a snapshot of Scott's business today:

  • Booking 20-25 appointments a month at his office. (The clients come to him!)
  • Using A Proprietary Process instead of focusing on product.
  • Already on pace to generate $750,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue this year.
  • Bringing on additional staff to keep up with the clients.
  • Building incredible equity within his firm to one day sell.

What Value Can You Bring to Your Clients?

When you begin from a position of "What value can I bring to my clients?," you start to differentiate yourself from transactional advisors who only want to make a sale. Using the exclusive CSI Advisor Partner Platform, you now have the tools to attract clients by providing services other advisors have either "punted" to other professionals or didn't even know they had the power to offer.

Working with the experienced specialists on the CSI Team, YOU can now be your client's solution for:

  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Charitable Giving